POS Software

Guide to point of sale software

Point-of-sale software, or POS software, facilitates easy retail transactions and allows you to better serve your customers. There are numerous specialized types of point-of-sale software, but the most common are retail POS software and restaurant POS software.

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Features and Capabilities of POS Software

POS retail software packages have a wide range of standard and optional features that you can use to improve both the speed and quality of your customer service efforts. Cash register POS software modules allow you to create customer profiles and calculate applicable taxes, and they work with inventory software by automatically tracking item sales.

Inventory software support is one of the most important secondary advantages of using POS software. You can group items according to set criteria, support inventory tracking in real time, order items when stock gets too low and track order shipments.

Some POS software performs additional functions, such as generating pictures of items in stock and verifying the ages of customers, if necessary. It can also have features similar to billing software, including the ability to create layaways and payment plans, process credit card-based recurrent billings and place back-orders or special orders.

POS retail software also offers security features that ensure no unauthorized personnel can access the system. Most systems have password protection and options for multiple levels of security, protecting information like employee commissions and hours logged.

Implementing a POS Software Package

While it is possible to get free POS software that may give you all the functionality your business needs, there are significant disadvantages to going this route. First, you'll have little access to customer support in the event that your system fails or develops a bug. Second, and more importantly, you will lack the resources to train your staff in its proper use.

When you purchase a licensed POS software package, the manufacturer will offer comprehensive training and support to ensure you implement and integrate the system smoothly with your POS equipment. Telephone and online support are universally offered, but some companies also provide training manuals, online user guides, support via instant messaging, training videos and searchable databases for troubleshooting particular problems.