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Find eCommerce software solutions for your business

E-commerce software offers virtual retailers powerful tools for building and managing their businesses. Typically, vendors of e-commerce software solutions charge an initial setup fee and a monthly subscription fee for the continued use of their products. In most cases, features and capabilities are proportional to the price: the higher a product's monthly fee, the more complete its range of features.

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Basic eCommerce Store Software

E-commerce shopping cart software is one of the most basic and straightforward products available. If you already have a retail website up and running and have inventory software in place, shopping cart software gives your customers the ability to manage their purchases before checking out, place and confirm orders and submit payments (including all taxes and shipping fees) via secure processing systems.

Often, you can also integrate other popular payment gateways into your system, such as PayPal or Google. Features that let customers use coupons or cash in promotional discounts are also built into most shopping cart software payment systems.

Another entry-level product is e-commerce catalog software. These programs generate icons and images of your merchandise and present them to shoppers in catalog form. From there, customers can easily specify desired quantities and click to add items to their shopping carts.

Advanced eCommerce Software Packages

If you want a premium product, there are many advanced e-commerce software solutions available as well. These programs offer convenient comprehensive features, including website design, analytics and report generators and marketing capabilities.

Many e-commerce software programs can also help you design and create a company website, if you don't already have one. Higher-end products are powered with popular website-building programs like Dreamweaver or FrontPage to create a professional-quality site in a snap.

Better programs offer analytics, including traffic reports, sales data, inventory controls and order management. You can instantly see when your site gets the most traffic, which products are selling the best and which vendors are offering you the best prices.

Advanced e-commerce software solutions also help you create and manage affiliate and e-mail marketing campaigns and search engine submissions and optimizations, offering all the power of marketing software for a single consolidated monthly rate.