Security Software

Find software security solutions for your business technology

Because computers and networks have inherent vulnerabilities, especially when Internet applications are involved, manufacturers have devised a wide range of security software products designed to protect the integrity of your system. Computer security software does everything from scan files for viruses, malware and other potentially harmful agents to limit network access, encrypt and decrypt data, and block harmful or inappropriate websites.

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Security Software for Private Computers

If you're an end user and you want to protect your files and your computer from viruses, spyware and hackers, you can install security software that runs anytime your computer is operational and automatically protects your machine from potential threats. Antivirus software is one of the most common security applications used for this purpose.

Another popular form of PC security software allows people with young children to set parental controls over the type of content their kids can and cannot access while online. Known as Internet security software, these programs block access to unapproved sites, filter data and images according to your set controls and maintain activity logs so you can see where your children went while they were online.

Network Security Software Products

System administrators face more complex security challenges. Monitoring system access, protecting sensitive data and warding off external security threats are among the most common objectives of network security software.

In addition to antivirus software security, which is highly beneficial in a network environment, you can install firewall software in your network. Firewall software, in essence, allows only specified traffic into your network through a limited number of ports.

Many businesses store sensitive and private data on their networks, and encryption software protects it from potential outside threats. You can use these programs to encode data so that it cannot be deciphered by anyone without a decryption key and apply these capabilities to files, computer drives or sectors, and incoming or outgoing email messages.

Going online can be risky, and while you can never outright eliminate each and every potential threat, you can protect yourself and make it far less likely you'll become a victim. Security software is your first and most important line of defense.