Printer Software

Find the right software for your printer

Printer software makes it easy for you to submit and manage print jobs and queues, and to provide multiple parties in a single network with access to specified printers. It also ensures compatibility between the computer originating the print job and the destination printer, and it offers troubleshooting features if you encounter a problem with the printing queue or your results don't align with your expectations.

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Typically, these programs are intended for use with only a specified brand of printer; for example, Lexmark printer software can't be substituted in place of HP printer software. Other popular brand-based products include Epson printer software, Brother printer software and Canon printer software.

Features of Printer Software

If you've ever submitted a document that didn't end up at the right printer, struggled with managing multiple print jobs or been driven up the wall by printouts that didn't match the preview, you're in the market for printer software. The primary function of these software applications is to provide users with an intuitive interface for submitting, managing, altering and tracking print jobs. Printer software is especially useful if your business or organization has multiple printers on site; you can use these programs to route jobs to the correct printer and ensure that specialized resources (such as color printers) are only being used when necessary.

You can also use printer software tools to archive print job histories and instantly reprint stored documents, if necessary. Printer software also facilitates communication with other devices, such as fax machines. In this case, it acts as a supplement to your fax software, enabling you to instantly route a printed document to your fax machine.

Printer Drivers

Printer drivers are a common subtype of printer software; these programs facilitate communication between your computer and printers that are configured to work with it. When you purchase a new printer, it comes with drivers that you then manually install on the partner computer. However, sometimes drivers fail, so if you're troubleshooting an interfacing issue between your computer and your printer, you may have to visit the website of your printer's manufacturer to download and reinstall the necessary driver.