Network Monitoring Software

Find monitoring software for your network

Network monitoring software for use in business has two primary functions: first, it watches over internal processes to ensure the system can handle all the demands and requests being made of it. Second, it guards against unauthorized or suspicious external activity.

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At home, you can use monitoring software to set parental controls and ensure your children can only access and view approved content. Home network monitoring software also guards against hackers and unauthorized attempts to access your network resources.

Internal Applications of Network Monitoring Software

Quality monitoring software applications are constantly checking and testing all components of your system to ensure nothing is operating unusually slowly or sluggishly. It will also warn you if any system components have failed or are in danger of failing. Together, these applications are collectively known as network performance monitoring software.

You can also use tools that track and quantify the amount of traffic on your system, warning you of impending overloads and providing you with useful data for analytics purposes. These network traffic monitoring software applications can be used in tandem with performance-testing tools. Some vendors bundle them together and market them as network status monitoring software products.

External Functions of Monitoring Software

Protecting your network against external threats is extremely important. While antivirus and firewall software can help, and are highly recommended components of any secure computer network, the external control tools offered by network monitoring software are second to none. No monitoring software suite is complete without a powerful intrusion detection system, which shuts out users attempting to access the system from unauthorized IP addresses or those who fail to provide proper username and password credentials.

Many network monitoring software programs can be customized to allow users a set (small) number of attempts to log in correctly before their access will be outright denied. Additionally, both the internal and external control features automatically generate reports for review by the system administrator.

While free network monitoring software is available, you'll get a more complete, secure and reliable set of features if you pay to license a product from a trusted manufacturer. Purchasing a network monitoring software subscription also gives you access to professional customer service and troubleshooting resources if you should ever need them.