Network Software

Guide to computer network software

If you have a local area network (LAN) set up at your home or office, you'll need to implement some network software to ensure it runs smoothly and remains secure. Computer network software is designed to meet any and all needs your network users may have, from administration and management to safety and security.

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Network Administration Software

The primary purpose of network management software is to ensure all authorized users can access the resources they need. One of its most visible applications is the creation of user profiles, including usernames and passwords, to allow control over who can and cannot get onto your network. In addition, network administration software lets you set access controls to ensure that the data and information stored on your network can only be seen and modified by approved individuals.

You can also use network software to facilitate interaction between the various communication devices you use. Fax software lets you create, send and confirm the transmission of faxes right from your computer desktop, and you can also get applications for configuring servers, printers, scanners and a host of other peripheral devices.

Network Security Software

In addition, a wide range of security features are available with options that include both wired and wireless network software. The most common tools include antivirus and firewall applications, network monitoring programs and encryption software.

If users have to download files off the Internet or transmit or receive data from other users or websites, antivirus software keeps you safe from worms, viruses and Trojan horses. As an additional protective measure, you can use firewall programs to limit your interaction with and accessibility to other Internet users.

Network monitoring software is an excellent supplementary security tool that keeps a constant eye on your system, ensuring that only authorized users are gaining access to data and files. It will create instant alerts if any unauthorized users attempt to access the system, or if anything unusual or suspicious takes place. You can keep your data and information doubly safe by encrypting it so that only users with the decryption key can unscramble your files and make sense of what's stored in them.

Setting up a network can be an involved and costly procedure. Investing in network software helps you make the most of your investment while protecting it from the possibility of harm or damage.