Fax Software

All about computer fax software

Computer fax software helps you simplify and automate the process of sending and receiving faxes while providing enhanced communication management tools. With just a few simple mouse clicks, fax software allows you to send messages to an unlimited number of recipients, enhance the professionalism of your faxes and broadcast and receive fax communications with a single telephone line.

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Capabilities of PC Fax Software

One of the primary benefits of fax software is that it is specially designed to make it easy to manage contact lists and communicate with important clients. The majority of quality computer fax software programs allow you to import contact information from other sources, so if you are already using contact management software, you can populate your fax software contacts list in mere seconds.

You can use templates to create professional-looking faxes and automatically generate cover sheets to ensure your communications are directed to the appropriate person. Internet fax software is also set up to forward instant email notifications to your inbox when you successfully send or receive a fax, and you can also use it to schedule fax broadcasts, create fax queues and log all inbound and outbound communication activity.

Hardware and system requirements vary from program to program, but generally speaking, fax software does not require a lot of resources to run and use. Most computer fax software clients are compatible with just about any version of Windows (or Apple's OS if you're a Mac user), and typically require no more than 16 MB of RAM and 25 MB of hard drive space to run at full capacity.

Specialized Fax Software for Servers

If you use an optimized server to manage your communications, fax server software provides a similar set of management and automation tools to help you keep track of your high volume of inbound and outbound communications. An added benefit of fax server software is that it typically offers reporting and analytics features that make it easy for you to group, analyze and sort communications data.

Though it is relatively easy to find and download free fax software, and these programs will meet modest user needs just fine, purchasing fax management programs from quality vendors is the only way to ensure you'll enjoy a full range of capabilities and features. Fax software is available both as a subscription service (for a monthly fee) or as a permanent installation on your computer (for a one-time price). The flexibility and management tools will save your organization a lot of time, and will deliver significant efficiency improvements in busy business environments.