Communication Software

Guide to software for online communication

The purpose of communication software is to facilitate interactions between parties facing distance or language barriers. Online communication software as a whole spans a wide range of specific applications, but its general objective is to allow for remote access to files and systems, and to assist in the exchange of messages and information in a complete assortment of data or media formats.

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At its simplest, communication software includes fax software that automates the transmission and reception of faxes and email software that makes it easy to manage your inbound and outbound mail messages. However, there are other, more sophisticated applications offered by this exciting branch of computer programming.

Types of Communication Software

Instant messaging clients represent one of the earliest widespread applications of communication software. Bitnet Relay and Internet Chat Relay (IRC) sprung up in the mid-to-late 1980s, followed by the once-popular ICQ chat client a few years later.

Today, data communication software is much more sophisticated. While instant messaging applications continue to be popular and rely on the same technologies as they always have, the reach of communication software is now greatly extended. Voice communication software can be implemented to facilitate free, online-based voice conversations around the globe; Skype is one of the most popular examples of this type of software.

You can also get language translation software that automatically translates text from one language to another, and online translation software can perform these actions in real time over the Internet. This allows you to have a conversation with someone who doesn't speak the same language as you, bridged by an online translation client that lets each of you know in your respective mother tongues what the other is saying.

In the business world, though, it is the data conferencing abilities of communication software that make it so useful. Today, you can use online communication software to set up video conferences between multiple companies or branches of the same company located at different places around the world. This is a major boon to companies that deal internationally, as these technologies can be harnessed to minimize the need for expensive, exhausting business travel.

File-sharing programs, peer-to-peer networks, emulators, collaboration software and remote desktop software are all further examples of communication software. The world of online communication software offers both individual users and businesses powerful, real-time tools that offer practical solutions to challenges for which there was once no easy answer.