Time Clock Software

Guide to time clock and timesheet software

Time clock software, sometimes called timesheet software or time card software, automates the process of having employees punch in and punch out when they report to and leave work. Employee time clock software is usually very easy to use and doesn't require your employees to have anything more than basic computer skills to take full advantage of the system.

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Features of Employee Time Clock Software

The primary purpose of time clock software for small businesses and large companies alike is to give employees and easier way to clock in and clock out for scheduled shifts, and managers an easier way to track employee attendance. It can be integrated with scheduling software to build a complete time management system that saves your company a lot of time and money.

Typically, employees are given swipe cards or identification numbers that they use to register with the system when they report for work. Most time clock software systems are administered at terminals positioned at easily accessible locations in your place of business.

However, time clock software does a lot more than record hours worked. It also helps you track vacation requests and vacation time, ensuring that none of your employees takes more time off than they are allotted. You can also use the software to track the number of overtime hours your employees work to ensure accurate payment, and to keep tabs on sick-day allowance and usage.

Advantages of PC Time Clock Software

The most obvious advantage of timesheet software is that it saves your human resource department the time and hassle of tracking employee attendance manually. These efficiency improvements alone often more than make up for the initial investment you made.

However, perhaps the most useful advantage of a good piece of PC time clock software is that it can instantly generate a wide range of reports. At the click of a button, you can view the number of hours a given employee has worked, the total wages they've earned over a specified time period, and more. Better programs also give you the ability to export these reports directly into your payroll or other accounting software, if you use it.

Many manufacturers offer free time clock software for use on a trial basis. You can download and implement these programs free of risk or obligation until you find one that best meets the needs of your business or organization.

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