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Payroll software is designed to make it easy to manage all aspects of employee compensation, from wages and salaries to tax deductions, 401(k) contributions and accrual balances. Software for payroll applications is very affordable and user-friendly, making it easy to train employees in its proper usage once you implement a system.

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Features of Payroll Software Programs

Payroll accounting software does a lot more than just track dollars and cents. It also allows you to print checks or make direct deposits into employee bank accounts. If your company distributes checks each payday, most payroll software systems offer you the option to instantly generate checks for bonuses, employee reimbursements, vacation pay and salary advances. In addition, payroll tax software lets you track the mandatory deductions made from employee wages in case anyone comes forward with questions. You can also use payroll tax software features to automatically generate year-end reports that make tax time easier for your employees.

Both large and small business payroll software programs let you create files on individual employees. In these files, you can track a worker's year-to-date pay totals, their cumulative earnings and their employment history with your company in a way that is very organized and right at your fingertips more quickly than paper records stored in filing cabinets.

If you use expense report software, you can also export expense reports directly to your supporting software. Advanced payroll software programs support costing across multiple departments, allowing better networking and giving you greater flexibility over expense charging.

Advantages of Using Payroll Software

The major advantage of implementing a payroll software program is the reduction of errors in employee compensation. When you create employee profiles, you automatically enter their salary or hourly wage levels, and the system automatically subtracts applicable deductions. Like clockwork, your employees are paid in full every pay period, eliminating overpayment or underpayment.

You also save your accounting department a great deal of time they'd otherwise have to spend manually calculating wages and deductions. This promotes a significant improvement in the efficiency of your business's accounting operations, which is always a good thing for the bottom-line health of your company or organization.