Employee Scheduling Software

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Creating practical and smooth-running employee schedules can be tricky, especially if you run an unpredictable, volume-driven business like a restaurant. It's important that you have enough staff on hand to handle busy periods, without overstaffing your company and wasting money during lulls and slow times. That's why employee scheduling software is a valuable business tool.

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Planning and scheduling software takes the tediousness and guesswork out of manually drawing up weekly or monthly schedules. You'll save your management staff a lot of time and headaches by investing in schedule software that automates the process.

Basic Features of Scheduler Software

The simplest entry-level programs allow you to create and print employee schedules both for your entire fleet of scheduled staff and for individual workers. You'll have the ability to track hours, ensuring full-time employees get enough work and part-time employees do not exceed their maximum allowance for a given week. These systems also flag potential scheduling conflicts, allow you to create backups in case an employee is sick or otherwise unable to make it to work, and let you view schedule histories by the week or month.

There are also programs that, like time clock software, allow your employees to record their own attendance. Wages, benefits and deductions can then automatically be calculated based on hours worked if your employees are paid on an hourly rather than a salaried basis.

Abilities of Advanced Employee Scheduling Software Products

Higher-end business scheduling software offers a larger range of more precise and more flexible features. Some programs let you automatically post schedules on the Internet, assign particular projects or jobs to specified employees, and import data from or export data to other pieces of software.

While basic reporting features are seen even in entry-level calendar software, you can generate a more sophisticated and specific range of reports with advanced programs. For example, some programs let you view summaries of each employee's time off and automatically schedule for vacation requests. The help menu features also tend to be more complete with higher-end programs, and many include everything from built-in tutorials and links to the manufacturer's customer service website, to telephone support and online troubleshooting assistance. However, the many features of some of these scheduling programs might make them better suited to meet large rather than small business software needs.