Procurement Software

Guide to software for procurement

Procurement software, sometimes called purchasing software, is a type of computer program that automates and simplifies the materials and services acquisitions processes. It can greatly reduce your purchase cycle time and promises significant departmental efficiency improvements, which leads to a healthier bottom line. Many satisfied clients have said that the procurement software price was recovered many times over through improved efficiency.

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What Does Procurement Software Do?

Procurement software allows you to create a database of purchase orders and add to or subtract from it on an ongoing basis. It can automatically generate new purchase orders to fill ongoing requirements, and these orders can be submitted directly to department managers for immediate approval.

You can also use procurement software to select numerous products or services from a pre-populated list, plus you can ensure that the purchase order and the invoice are stored in the same place and pay bills electronically. This helps your purchasing department streamline its operations, saving time and making sure that no unapproved purchase orders can ever slip through the cracks.

In addition, procurement software can be used to solicit bids and price quotes from competing service providers or suppliers to help you get the best value every time. You may also get software modules that allow you to automatically combine multiple orders if better bulk prices can be detected from the various competing suppliers.

Implementation Options

If you would prefer not to physically install new modules and programs on your computer system, you can use Web-based procurement software as an alternative. Also known as e-procurement software, Web-based modules give you all the performance capabilities of physically installed alternatives with the added benefit of being protected against system crashes and data loss. Because all information in the system is stored on the Internet, you'll never have to worry about an equipment failure causing you to lose all the data you've generated and saved.

As with other types of accounting software, you should also be aware that the features and capabilities offered by particular programs tend to be commensurate with the price. Cheap procurement software options, while plentiful, typically offer only a limited range of functions and capabilities. For superior performance, you'll usually have to invest in a premium product.