Asset Management Software

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Asset management software, also known as enterprise asset management, helps you maintain compliance with corporate and government regulations, including IFRS, SOX, GASB-34 and US-GAAP. It offers complete management tools for asset accounting, asset tracking, maintenance, logistics, shipping and transport.

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Features of Enterprise Asset Management Software

Asset management software supports accounting software by providing you with advanced tools for tracking the value of each and every asset controlled by your company, no matter how diverse. A typical package offers various modules designed to help you manage specific types of assets.

Fixed asset management software is a module that's included with virtually every program. You can use these features to register assets, track appreciation or depreciation and calculate its effect on your budget, set aside money for capital gains or corporate taxes, and ensure reporting compliance with federal regulations. You can also manage non-capitalized assets and use the fixed asset module tools to prepare for any audits you may be facing.

Other modules share some of the features of CMMS software, allowing you to schedule and track maintenance tasks and keep tabs on property appreciation as well as equipment depreciation. You can also manage your equipment leases and transport needs with the logistics modules offered as part of complete fixed asset management software suites.

Specialized Enterprise Asset Management Products

You can also get asset management software that is uniquely programmed to help you track your company's non-physical assets. Digital asset management software and IT asset management software are two examples. The first allows you to manage computerized assets, such as software holdings, proprietary technologies and licensed digital products. IT asset management software deals with both the digital and physical assets that comprise your company's information technology and networking systems.

If you're looking for free asset management software, you should note that many reputable software manufacturers allow prospective clients to download and use trial versions of their licensed programs for a fixed period of time, usually one month or one fiscal quarter. This is a risk-free way to try out different products and find the one that best suits your needs. Otherwise, you can try your luck with open-source versions, but you will get superior functionality and an advanced range of features if you purchase a licensed piece of software from a trusted provider.