Expense Report Software

Find a great expense report software package

Expense report software helps improve the efficiency of your finance or accounting department. A typical package facilitates the creation, submission, evaluation and resolution of expense reports and stores cumulative totals for later review.

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Abilities and Advantages of Expense Report Software Packages

Employees encounter expenses in all sorts of situations; they may need to travel, wine and dine important clients, attend a training seminar or take advantage of continuing education opportunities. Expense report PC software gives your accounting personnel as easier way of managing their reimbursement requests.

Travel expense reports are common, and Web-based software enables your employees to create and enter reimbursement invoices into your system no matter what corner of the globe their business may take them. It's also possible for employees to create a new log, continually add items to it over the course of their trip and submit it at when they're on their way home, after all expenses have been encountered.

On the management end, expense report software can populate lists of items that are and are not allowed to be expensed, and you can also set spending limits to ensure employee compliance with company policy. The system will automatically red-flag any expense reports that do not meet defined criteria and allow you to amend or reject them before repayment is processed.

Also, keep in mind that some high-end billing software products also offer some of these features. If you have expanded billing needs, you can consider purchasing it instead of or in addition to expense report software.

Expense Report Software Options

If you want to try this type of software with no risk, or if you have only basic needs, it is possible to download free expense report software from an open-source provider. These programs are free to download, free to use and never require licensing or registration fees of any kind.

Should you need full functionality, however, purchasing a licensed copy of a trusted expense report software program is an alternative worth exploring. In some cases, you may be able to download a free version of the software from the manufacturer's site to use for a fixed period of time to see if you like it.

Often, the money saved through efficiency improvements and 100 percent compliance with company expense policies pays for your investment in the software. If you've got a lot of employees on the road or dealing with clients face-to-face, these programs make a valuable addition to your accounting department.