Supply Chain Management Software

All about SCM software

If you've been searching for a way to streamline and automate inventory, purchase orders and relationships with suppliers, SCM software offers features that can help. SCMS, or supply chain management software, is intended to automate the business processes that depend on suppliers, stock and inventory to the greatest possible degree.

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Features and Capabilities of SCM Software

In addition to automatically placing purchase orders, tracking inventory and helping manage your warehouse, SCM software also offers analytics that can help you forecast future needs more accurately. This streamlines the management of your supply and demand needs and helps prevent understocking or overstocking certain items. You can also track items that are on their way to you, schedule future orders and more accurately reply to customer queries if their goods are in transit.

If you have partner companies in your supply chain management system that also use SCM software, you can automatically trade goods, buy from and sell to each other, and develop effective working relationships. This is particularly helpful if you face global supply chain management challenges.

While enterprise resource planning or ERP software also helps with your supply chain management process, it typically does so as part of a larger, more complete (and more expensive) suite of services. Stand-alone SCMS tools eliminate the need for you to invest in an elaborate piece of ERP software that you may not need to use to the fullest of its capabilities.

Recommended SCM Software Products

First, you should understand that there are many software tools that can meet your company's needs, and you always ought to shop around and compare the various features of products on your own. That said, there are some manufacturers and programs that tend to be well-received, both by end users and consumer review panels.

These include Microsoft Dynamics, Consona, Epicor, Infor, JDA, Logility, Oracle, RedPrairie, CDC Software, SAP and Manhattan Associates. As updated and improved versions of SCM software products are regularly being released, check with these companies to be sure you're up to date with the latest offerings.