Project Management Software

Simple project management software for everyone

Project management software is designed to help managers track the progress of various projects across numerous departments and all levels of development. Quality project manager software also offers tools to help plan and track financials and keep tabs on the entire breadth of the company's day-to-day operations.

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Capabilities of Project Management Software

In broad terms, project management software enables managers to track and analyze cross-departmental collaboration on projects, manage financial and human resources, schedule and distribute tasks, and ensure that defined goals and objectives are being met in a timely fashion.

Even simple project management software offers helpful collaborative features that include e-mail integration, a system for tracking and resolving questions and issues, and calendars that are accessible to all involved parties. Resource management capabilities include employee skill set profiles, cost analysis tools, timesheets, and materials and supplies checklists that help you effectively distribute work across your team of employees in the most efficient possible manner.

Of course, the key features are the actual project management tools. These include everything from risk assessors and managers to reporting, statistical and workload management capabilities. Recurring tasks can be planned, schedules and deadlines can be set and tracked, and budgeting features help you make sure you're staying within your financial constraints on every project you undertake.

Advantages of Using Project Manager Software

One of the key advantages of project management software is the sheer range of capabilities it offers. It combines the basic features of many individual software products, including supply chain management software, accounting software and asset management software into a single, easy-to-use package.

The efficiency improvements that project management software delivers cannot be argued; it helps you keep tabs on ongoing projects across all levels of your company and at every stage of development, ensuring goals are being met on time and within your budgetary guidelines.

It is also flexible. As an alternative to installing project manager software on your computer, you can get Web-based project management software. The advantage of online project management software is that you're safe from system crashes, as your data is stored on the Internet and always accessible.

Microsoft Project management software is one of the best-selling offerings on the market, but there are many other quality programs you should consider. Tenrox project management software, MindView, Project KickStart and FusionDesk Professional are among the other well-reviewed options available.