Fleet Tracking

Cut cost and boost productivity with fleet management software

In order to manage an efficient and productive fleet of vehicles, you need to monitor every step of your operation. This is easier said than done—with several vehicles on the go and a number of aspects to track, you'll likely have a hard time without the help of a tracking system. The best course of action is to invest in fleet management software that allows for driver and vehicle profiling, trip profiling and dispatch features. The right fleet management software will improve the efficiency of your whole operation, effectively cutting transportation costs and saving you money.

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About Fleet Tracking Software

The fundamental function of a fleet management system is the fleet tracking component, which is typically GPS-based. What your fleet does on the road will define your success, so the more elements you are able to coordinate and oversee, the better your chances of reducing costs and ensuring that your workforce is performing as they should. Security, fuel cost and driver safety are key elements that should be addressed by your fleet management GPS system.

Fleet tracking software can be kept in-house on your own computer system, hosted by another company or accessed online. Real-time GPS allows the dispatcher to track vehicles over the Internet and make any necessary changes or communicate immediately, while passive vehicle tracking is generally used for driver accountability and route verification. The more advanced online systems provide constant fleet management for a monthly fee, and prioritize the need for a swift and appropriate response just like other customer-service software systems, such as call center software, do. The passive vehicle version will require a one-time investment for a limited amount of communication, but it will work well for administrative purposes.

Choose the Right GPS Fleet Tracking System

Generally speaking, the more automated the fleet tracking system, the more time you save. Look for inclusive software that offers automatic calculations of maintenance and analysis of fleet costs over time, as well as a variety of tracking methods. Software that covers all of the details is the most helpful when it comes time to assess productivity and alter operation to reduce your costs.

What type of system suits your business depends on how much you know about fleet tracking to begin with, and how tech-savvy you happen to be. If you are unfamiliar with GPS systems, you may not be able to accurately compare fleet tracking software. In this case, consider hiring a GPS system consultant who can answer your questions and guide your decision. On the other hand, for those with the know-how and ambition to set and maintain a fleet tracking system on their own, a free and open fleet management tool will probably be the most appealing. If your expertise lies somewhere between these two extremes, you have a range of products to choose from; first determine your specific needs, and then compare a variety of appropriate software packages to find the best value.

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