CRM Software

Guide to customer relationship management software

Customer relationship management software, often referred to simply as CRM software, offers powerful tools for helping businesses maintain a positive image with clients and customers. Typically, the domain of customer service software involves automating and streamlining everything from tech support and incoming customer calls to sales and marketing campaigns in the interests of serving incoming business as well as building new relationships.

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Typically, CRM software is installed at your place of business and managed over your in-house IT network. However, new cloud computing capabilities allow for customizable tools to be accessed on a pay-per-use basis over the Internet. This is known as web CRM software.

How Business CRM Software Works

There are many different types of software for CRM applications, some of which are sold individually, some of which are packaged. Here is a look at the various business operations that CRM software can help you manage:

  • Customer support. CRM software is extremely helpful in the management of call centers. It can be used to route incoming calls to the appropriate department, manage call queues and automate telephone systems.
  • Marketing. CRM software's marketing tools are typically focused on automation processes. Typically, you can use them to track the results of direct marketing or advertising campaigns as well as track and organize information on potential business leads. You can supplement these capabilities with more specialized marketing software products tailored to the needs of your industry.
  • Sales and contact management. Customer relationship management software can eliminate the need for customer data to be manually entered and maintained. Sales automation tools can generate notes on all stages of a customer service query or sales process and help you serve repeat customers more efficiently. You can also use it to forecast future sales volumes, provide customers with product information and generate price quotes.

You can also get CRM management software packages that can track analytics. This is an extremely useful feature at the operations management level, as its data gathering capabilities assist in the identification and implementation of efficiency improvements. If your business deals with a high volume of sales or customer service queries, these automation tools offer powerful, effective solutions that will help you run a tighter ship.

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