Contact Management Software

What is contact management software and how is it used?

Business is a lot about who you know, and contact management software helps you sort and categorize all your contacts in one easily accessible place. The more effectively you manage contacts, the better able you are to take advantage of opportunities as they arise on the fly.

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What Is Contact Management Software?

Contact management software is an organizational tool that lets you enter complete contact information for business associates into a database and apply filters to ensure correct categorization. While most customer relationship management or CRM software programs offer contact tracking capabilities, those features are usually offered as part of a larger suite of tools, all of which you may not need. Cheap contact management software, on the other hand, will give you only the necessary organizational applications.

You can sort contacts according to the type of relationship you have with them. For example, a complete program will combine the features of sales contact management software with the capabilities of supply chain, legal and other business contact management software. You'll find fields for your contact's name, telephone numbers (both their cell phone and work extension), address, e-mail and instant messaging handle. Today, convenient contact management software applications can be used with Smartphones; if you can't directly install the software on your phone, you can often synch your phone up with the computer on which the software is installed so you can access all necessary contact information when you're on the go.

Popular Software to Help You Manage Contacts

Microsoft's Outlook has helpful contact management features which serve the needs of many people quite well. However, there are many other programs to choose from, including BatchBook (a specialized sales contact management software program) and ACT for Web (if you want Web-based contact management software). Relenta, WebAsyst and Highrise Online Contact Manager have also been favorably reviewed, both by independent industry analysts and consumers who rely on the software from day to day.

You should also be aware of the various options available. Not only can you purchase contact management software that is installed directly on your computer or Smartphone, you can use Web-based programs or membership services that charge you an affordable monthly fee rather than requiring a sizeable up-front investment.