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All about computerized maintenance management systems

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) use specialized software to schedule maintenance tasks and store information about a company's maintenance history. CMMS software is sometimes also called an enterprise asset management system or computerized maintenance management information system (CMMIS).

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Features and Advantages of CMMS Programs

The exact features of a computerized maintenance management system will differ from package to package, but generally, they include tools for managing maintenance tasks, maintaining property, tracking inventory and promoting workplace safety.

CMMS programs allow you to create recurring schedules for ongoing tasks, track the personnel assigned to various tasks and manage the costs involved with maintenance task completion. You can also use it to generate preventative maintenance to-do lists, detail problems with machinery or equipment, and document the results of all work performed.

A computerized maintenance management information system also allows you to keep tabs on the value of assets you expect to appreciate (such as the building and the grounds) or depreciate (such as maintenance equipment and machinery). In this sense, it shares some features with asset management software.

You can also use CMMS software tools to keep track of your inventory of maintenance supplies and equipment. Finally, computerized maintenance management systems support workplace safety by tracking information about access to restricted areas, electrical hazards and potentially dangerous chemicals.

Installing and Using CMMS Software

You have two options when it comes to implementing a computerized maintenance management information system. First, you can purchase software and install it on all the necessary computers in your company's network, or you can use a Web-based CMMS. Both have their advantages.

Installing software on individual computers allows employees to use the system without requiring an Internet connection. This is helpful if, for example, you have a remote workstation – you won't have to worry about running an Internet connection out to it if you install the software directly on the machine.

On the other hand, Web-based CMMS software is protected against system malfunctions and crashes. As all your data is stored on the Internet, it will be safe in the event of a widespread system failure or an accident that destroys your computer equipment.

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